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Louize's Journal

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2nd July 2025

9:43pm: My cards! ^^;

I was ill for, um, a while. Sorry. >.< But now I live! I think. Hope. >.>

I will trade ALMOST ANYTHING for ... (dot) cards. Seriously. Possibly including my current decks. O.O OMG LUFF FOR PLEINAIR.

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1st July 2025

6:10pm: Mastered Decks

++ White, Critic, Ditz (no dolls yet 'cause I'm lazy :B)

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The dolls are by me, with bases from http://ppkh.davidsonlinegallery.com - please don't take the dolls, as I made them for my own personal use. Thankyou~ o.o
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17th July 2007

8:15am: Anime TCG trade logs~
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17th November 2006

6:17pm: Friends only~

...nyaaah. ;P

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